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Your Guide for Planning a Successful Road Trip in Finland

  • Gofinland: Your Guide for Planning a Successful Road Trip in Finland

  • About the client

    Our collaboration with Gofinland, Finland's largest marketplace for rental cottages, began in spring 2016. Since then, I've created optimised and compelling web content throughout their Finnish and English platforms. Gofinland Blog targets international travellers and introduces Finland as a diverse and exciting travel destination.

  • A short sample

    In some countries, you need to drive for hours to reach roads surrounded by forests, fields and lakes. In Finland, it’s exactly the opposite. Nature is around you everywhere, even in urban areas. Yet, for some weird reason, Finland is hardly ever the first option for travellers planning their next road trip.
    This article is created not only to encourage you choosing Finland as your next road trip destination but to give you a comprehensive guide for the things to take into consideration prior to the trip. Your guide for planning a successful road trip in Finland is filled with practical tips, rules of the road, explaining how the rules vary between seasons and, last but not least, some great suggestions for routes to take.
    Are you ready? Let’s hit the road!